Why you should make the trip to Sikeston

Why make the trip to Jeffers Motorsports Park in Sikeston Missouri?

Because it is the best 1/8th mile track in the area. Period!

The Facility

JMP is safe, clean, family friendly, good food and clean air conditioned restrooms.


The Track

The track is 1/8 mile concrete from start to finish line and is one of the smoothest tracks you will ever race on. With concrete walls the whole length of the track for everyone’s safety. (Who wants to take the chance of a guard rail piecing through your car if an impact were to occur?)


The Pit Area

JMP has nice clean paved pit parking, who wants to park their race car in a gravel parking lot? Then have to clean the dirt off it the next day. No more gravel thrown up in your wheel tubs, no dragging the gravel up into the staging lanes and on to the track surface.

Track safety is our #1 priority! Read more….