Basic Rules

Racers Rules & Information


  1. First and foremost…..have a good time.
  2. Management reserves the right to deny entry to any racer or spectator.
  3. Please respect track management, employees, racer and spectators alike.
  4. Track management has final say in ALL matters.
  5. No glass bottles allowed on the grounds.
  6. No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone underage or without proper ID.
  7. Please watch your children.



  1. No racer/ race car with a blatant disregard for safety will be allowed on the track.
  2. No guaranteed parking, unless you have a rented spot (brackets)
  3. All tech cards must be completely filled out, signed on the back and turned in to a track official BEFORE making a pass down the track.
  4. Alcoholic/illegal drug consumption by ANY racer in competition will result in automatic disqualification.
  5. No cash refunds. Tech cards only.
  6. Pit vehicles may ONLY be operated by a licensed driver, 5mph in the pits.
  7. No pit vehicles are allowed on the track surface unless otherwise instructed by a track official.
  8. No alcohol is allowed in the staging lanes or on the line.
  9. All track clean up will be handled by track personnel.
  10. Seat belts MUST be worn in any vehicle going down the track.
  11. Windows MUST be rolled up/ closed completely.
  12. Any vehicle running 8.00 or quicker MUST wear a helmet. Any convertible top or “open” vehicles must wear a helmet, regardless of ET.
  13. Class, car number, and dial in must be clearly visible on the DRIVERS side window.
  14. Open cockpit vehicles/ motorcycles, MUST have a minimum of helmet, gloves, neck brace, jacket, long pants, arm restraints, closed toed shoes or boots.
  15. Drivers must have a minimum of a full T shirt, long pants, closed toed shoes or boots to participate. (No tank tops, shorts, or sandals will be allowed)
  16. Helmet, gloves, and driving suits MUST be worn in ANY vehicle using nitrous, alcohol, or nitromethane.
  17. Bye runs DO NOT carry over. They are earned every round based on best reaction time from the previous round. No one will have a 2nd bye run until everyone in the class has had one. First round bye round (Best reaction time in time trials)
  18. When your class is called to staging, come in a timely fashion to the directed lanes.
  19. NO LAYING BACK IN THE LANES, unless you are the bye run.
  20. All staging must be done in a forward motion.
  21. If you are entered in 2 or more classes, it is your responsibility to make round call.
  22. Cars competing for the same lane will be determined by spinning the wheel. Number to be chosen by lead vehicle.
  23. No changing lanes once you have entered the staging area, unless ok’d by a track official.
  24. A competition bye will be awarded if your opponent breaks in the staging area, to be determined by a track official. 2 minute warning rule may be used.
  25. No dial in changes will be allowed after crossing the yellow line between the staging lanes and the burn out box.
  26. Only 2 crew members will be allowed on the line with a vehicle.
  27. YOU are responsible for making sure your dial in is correct. Once you pre-stage, you accept said dial in on the board.
  28. CAR CHANGE DURING ELIMINATIONS- a driver may switch cars only in the event his/hers breaks, and is approved by RACE DIRECTOR. Replacement car CAN NOT be one still in competition in the same class.
  29. No testing trans brakes or burnouts allowed in the pit area. Burnouts are only allowed in designated burn our box area. Burnouts across the starting line are only allowed by vehicles without front brakes or designated in certain class rules. Burnout to tree is FORWARD MOTION ONLY, to be determined by track official.
  30. Stay with your vehicle while in the staging lanes.
  31. In case of malfunction, please move the vehicle toward the wall and stop.
  32. Track Incidents become restricted areas, only track personnel allowed on scene. All violators will be ejected from the premises.  
  33. In the event of a re-run, the competitors must take the same lane and dial in.
  34. A vehicle must stage and take the green light, under it’s own power, in order to win the round.
  35. Deep staging is allowed in certain classes, and must be clearly marked in the drivers side window.
  36. All drivers must have a valid drivers license.
  37. Warm-ups are NOT allowed down return road or track. Please do your warmups in the pits, following the 5mph speed limit. Always use caution.
  38. When using a tow vehicle, you must check in with ET shack and get the time slip BEFORE picking up vehicle. In the event of a grudge race or “clocks off” run, time slip will ONLY be given to the DRIVER of the vehicle.
  39. Any “clocks off” runs must be clearly marked on the drivers side window with a circle and a slash through it.
  40. All posted restricted areas are track personnel only! 
  41. Race director can mark windows for you.



  1. Buy backs are allowed first and second round.
  2. Buy backs are recorded in the tower.
  3. Proceed to the designated lanes when called.



Rain delays are not considered a rainout. Until a decision has been made by management that an event has been canceled or called, everyone must consider themselves on rain delay and not a cancellation… no credits will be given until this decision has been made. At that time, the policy below stands.

Bracket Races and Feature Races:  No Cash Refunds.  If a rainout occurs before eliminations begin, pit crew rain checks will be issued.  Car and driver credits will be issued to racers.  Spectator rain checks will not be issued if two hours or more have elapsed from the scheduled gate opening for the event.

Once eliminations begin, in the event of a rainout, the race will be considered as completed.  Points will be issued to racers as of the last completed round.  All purse money will be divided evenly among those racers still in competition in each class.  There will be no make-up of a rained out race.  Spectator rain checks will not be issued.

For non-money classes, car and driver credits will be issued if the rainout occurs before the first round of eliminations begin.  Once eliminations begin, in the event of rainout, the race will be considered as completed.  No credits of any type (i.e. car/driver/ pit crew, spectator) will be issued.

Test and Tune:  No Cash Refunds.  No rain checks will be issued once two hours has elapsed from the scheduled gate opening for the event.  Otherwise, rain checks will be issued and are good for the next scheduled event only.  In the event of a rain out, no money will be awarded for fastest car, fastest truck or fastest bike.

Feature Races (Spectator/Pit Crew Only):  No Cash Refunds.  No spectator or pit crew rain checks will be issued once feature cars have completed the first round of eliminations.  Otherwise, rain checks will be issued and are good for the makeup date only.



  1. Only 3 break passes will be given in a season.
  2. Upon returning with a break pass, driver must pay spectator fee.
  3. Break passes will not be given once eliminations have started.
  4. Passes will not be given during special events, guaranteed purses, or in radial classes.