Let’s Talk Saftey

Saftey, It's our #1 Priority.


Jeffers Motorsports Park takes pride in having some of the best safety support vehicles you will  find at any race track, big or small.


Medical and Emergency

JMP has its own Ambulance on site at all times with a certified EMT. Within approximately 1 mile of the track, Sikeston’s Air EVAC LifeTeam is on call in case of an accident. There are multiple trauma centers located in Cape Girardeau and Poplar Buff Missouri.



Fire Support

On the starting line you will find the JMP fire support truck is equipped with fire extinguishers and a 150-pound fire suppression system. There are multiple fire extinguishers on the starting line and in the shutdown area.

Located in the shutdown area during every event there is a certified EMT on a Polaris 900 4-wheeler equipped with multiple fire extinguishers and a 50-pound fire suppression system mounted on it.


On the starting line there is another Polaris 900 4-Wheeler equipped with more fire suppression, a towing device to pull a stranded vehicle off the track. On the front of the 4 wheeler is a vehicle push device like the NHRA uses to remove your vehicle safely from the track.

Clean Up Equipment

JMP has jet blower to dry the track, multiple starting line blowers, track scrubber and sweeper. We have several oil clean up products on hand to clean up oil spills.


Track Prep

A Kubota tractor equipped with a front mounted sweeper, a rear mounted dragger for applying rubber to the track surface and a 30-gallon pull behind sprayer for applying adhesive to the track surface. Multiple hand sprayers located on the starting line.