With the overall amout of Drag Strips in the five state area and all of them struggling to get a reasonable car count knowing some racers are dealing with the weak economy of the past,

We’ve adopted a format thats been in use for years at some tracks with normal lower car counts, this format actually has had good success….

It’s simple…There will be Two Classes of Competition. TOP ELIMINATOR and SPORTSMAN


T.E. will be a 7.00 seconds and quicker category and will allow electronic devices just like in Super Pro.


Sportsman will be a no ET Limit (run whatcha brung NO BOX category).

We will install blinders on the Christmas Tree for everyone in all classes so you will not be able to see your opponents side of the tree, you will only be able to see your side and leave off of your side of the tree….

CROSSTALK… If you are the faster car in Top Eliminator, Crosstalk will be used but if you are the faster car and you don’t use crosstalk you can request it to be turned off for your run.

By going to this format it will allow bigger payouts each raceday and most likely Full Payouts.

In the past we’ve had a very low amount of entries in Super Pro on what was a nice day… not only does the track struggle financially it also doesn’t make for a very big winners check.

Most of the weekends in 2017 we we’re very short on all entries and we felt bad that we had to cut the payout so far down…  we even rolled the Buy Backs money into the purse just so we could boost the payout just a little bit more,  we felt we had no other alternatives if we were going to keep what racers we had coming back.

We realize there will be some people that don’t care for the change and may even look at this format and feel they don’t like it, others may love it…. and others may see there isn’t an issue with it….

Honestly it isn’t any different than a normal Bracket Race because it still doesn’t really change the way you race… after all in most cases you still have to cut a good light and run your dial in.

Here’s the bottom line…  if we can get close to 30 entries in the Top Eliminator class we can make $1000.00 full payout plus Runner up and Semi’s in the class… all for a $50.00 entry fee…..

Same thing goes for Sportsman, it shouldn’t be that tough to get 30 or more entries running in a “NO ET Limit” class for a $1000.00 win, also paying Runner up and Semi’s all for a $50.00 entry fee.

Now for those that are still not sure… that’s only 60 entries total and both classes to get a full payout…. Any track should easily get 60 entries on a weekend….

If we get more than we need for full payout we will pay out to the quarter finalists.

If we get less entries than needed for a full payout, it shouldn’t be by much so we shouldn’t have to cut the payout by very much, if any at all.

You can also Double enter your car in the same class or into the other category.

We will run all motorcycles in a class by themselves… If the motorcycle class turns out to be a success we may divide it into two classes, Pro bike and street bike.

We will also reserve a Trophy each week for anyone that wants to run in an “entry level” Trophy class for a $25.00 entry fee.

The only other category will be Jr Dragsters, they will remain the same as in the past except we will run their complete time trials and eliminations before the first time trial starts in the regular bracket classes.

We’ve talked to several racers and they feel it may be the answer and hope our other racers will accept this new format.

We hope everyone understands it’s about the only way we can have a full payout with a lessor amount of entries.