Weekly Bracket Racing Program Payout Adjustment

Effective September 6th 2017
Weekly Bracket Racing Program Payout Adjustment

After more than a year and a half of Jeffers Motorsports Park paying guaranteed payouts and continuous low car counts week after week,
We’ve made the decision to base payouts on the CAR COUNT.
It takes 36 cars minimum in Super Pro (Box) and 36 cars in Pro (No Box) to receive full payout, this is 100% of the entry fees going back to the Racers.

We’ve put together a pro-rated formula that we’ll use in the event of lower than 36 cars….

In the event we get 10 or more cars above the 36 cars needed, we will add money to the payouts.

We hope our Racers understand… this was a hard decision to make but a necessary one for the track to survive.
* This notice may not include special events.

Thank you,
Jeffers Motorsports Park